Get Started

Hi there! Thanks for being SO CHILL this winter and supporting Special Olympics Illinois athletes across the state. Ready to get registered for the 2023 Polar Plunge? We love that journey for you.  

We put together some questions that may help you as you get started. If you already know where you are plunging and all the necessary details, hover over “Register” in the navigation bar, click on the region or Plunge you are supporting, and get registered. For a look at where are Polar Plunges are being held, check out the Polar Plunge map here.

Everyone else, let’s go!

For the 2023 Polar Plunge season, we wanted to give you options so everyone can support Special Olympics Illinois athletes the way that works best for them!  

Here’s what you need to know – and decide before you sign up.

What type of Polar Plunge are you attending?

Our organization hosts 24 Polar Plunges (and a Super Plunge) across the state each year at a local body of water or elsewhere in one of our regions. Local individuals, teams, students, community members, and law enforcement attend these events and support athletes in that area.  

Or, you can Create Your Own Polar Plunge – which might mean a local group, business, or police department is hosting a community event. It could also mean some of our Cool School Challenge students are hosting a Polar Plunge at their school.  Or, you could come up with your own way to Create Your Own Plunge (safely, of course).

So, are you taking the Polar Plunge with us or creating your own? It’s up to you.

Where is your Polar Plunge?

Illinois is a big state and we support more than 21,000 athletes across it. So, we need to know which local area you are supporting. If you already know – awesome. If you don’t, check out this map to find your local area or region and get registered. 

And that’s it! That’s all you need to know before you BE COOL and TAKE THE PLUNGE this winter. If you have additional questions, reach out to today.

If not, then click here to find your region or Polar Plunge and get started.  

*Please be safe with your Create Your Own Plunge choices. Special Olympics Illinois is not responsible for any injuries that occur while participating in the Create Your Own Plunge option. Learn more here.*